A public application system developed by competitor collapsed after 50 000 people tried to use it at the same time. The project got a lot of negative media coverage, and the client already missed it’s deadlines. On top of all that, the existing system couldn’t be fixed and it simply couldn’t handle so many people.


Public sector, non-profit company

The software

Public application system, fit for collecting and evaluating applications and managing the complete lifecycle of every application.


  • Day 1

    Start from zero

    We threw away the old system, and started to rebuild from zero.

  • Day 2


    Every function was prioritized in accordance to importance and position in the business process.

    Day 2

  • Day 28

    First milestone

    We delivered the first functional milestone in only two weeks.

  • Day 730

    Project complete

    We kept every deadline throughout the project.

    Day 730

  • 2024

    Long-term partnership

    They are still a client and we work on new projects.